First Friday Art Walk

This past Friday Mike (the fiance) and I went to the First Friday art walk on Santa Fe here in Denver. The art walk is always an experience: excellent people watching (fire dancers and stilt walkers), lots of food (nowadays there are plenty of food trucks as those are all the rage), and an eclectic array of art ranging from pretty good to downright terrible. This particular art walk is populated primarily by hipsters and hippies and the art reflects that. We roamed around and saw quite a bit, but I think the pictures speak better than words.

The air smelled of B.O. and weed and posters (like below) posed as “art”. It was a very Colorado experience.

The coolest thing we saw was a piano exhibit. All the keys were removed and hung from the ceiling, so when you pulled on them, it was connected back to the piano base and made the sound the key would’ve made as if it was hit in place on the piano.

One last “exhibit” on the way out: fire dancers. Not exactly native Hawaiian caliber, but not something I see everyday!

We’re headed to Santa Fe on Friday for the weekend. The art in the real Santa Fe should be quite the contrast to the art walk on Santa Fe.

Do any cities you live in have art walks?


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