Santa Fe, New Mexico

Ahh, weekends away. Mike and I have been planning a weekend away for a few months now. We visited Santa Fe together last year and fell in love with the town. Everything from the architecture to the artwork to the FOOD to the mere fact they have a Trader Joe’s and Dunkin Donuts. So when we started talking about our weekend, Santa Fe (because of it’s close proximity to Denver) was an easy choice. We left Friday at lunch and arrived just in time for happy hour and dinner. We stayed at the El Dorado (pictured below), which was a gorgeous hotel. Pretty sure we’re lucky we didn’t blow away it was so windy the whole time.

We officially ate our way through Santa Fe. Literally, on the way in we stopped at Trader Joe’s (the Trader Joe’s obsession stems from the fact Denver does not have one, as they won’t come here due to some odd liquor laws) for some wine and hummus.

The Food:
1. La Choza: Great Mexican Food. Terrible Service. Worse Ambiance. Also seated next to the most intense PDA couple I’ve seen since college. Literally stroking each other. Not throwing up my food was a feat.
2. Tia Sophia’s: Literally the best breakfast of our lives. We ate here last year and knew we had to come back. We both ordered the exact same things we did last year (huevos rancheros and the breakfast burrito) and it was just as amazing as remembered. Seriously, don’t miss this place.
3. La Boca: Spanish tapas. Delicious. Also famous for their blood orange sangria, which was just as good as advertised.
4. Horseman’s Haven: Breakfast burritos that literally set our mouths on fire. Probably not the best decision right before a five and a half hour drive back to Denver. Sigh.

The Activites:
1. Walking around the Plaza
2. Visiting the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi
3. Checking out the Galleries on Canyon Road
4. Shopping at Jackalope
5. Viewing the art at the Georgia O’Keefe Museum (Tourist trap. If I can save one tourist from paying the $10 entrance fee to see this small exhibition of her unfamous paintings, I’ll be happy)
6. Buying multiple cases of two-buck chuck at Trader Joe’s
7. Hitting up Dunkin Donughts multiple times

A Few Images from the Weekend:

Driving Home. Mike is nice enough to drive on our road trips, as I hate to drive.  Must have something to do with living in Manhattan for a few years.

Overall a great getaway. If you haven’t been to Santa Fe, I highly recommend it. Anyone else go somewhere fun this weekend?


One Comment on “Santa Fe, New Mexico”

  1. Zippy says:

    Let’s be honest, you hated driving pre-Manhattan miss Beach Week roadtrip! Love the car picture.

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