What do Caroline & Mike and William & Kate have in common?

Welcome to a new section on Caroline Simpson Design: some links i love and want to share.

1. Shaming landlords in NYC into behaving. Genius.

2. My mom recently flew back from Hawaii to Oklahoma with her schnoodle (that is a dog). The airline attendants asked several times whether or not she was a snubbed nose dog. Neither of us could figure out why they’d be so concerned with that, so I googled it. Snub nosed dogs are banned on multiple airlines because they have so many health problems, apparently they account for the majority of canine deaths on planes. Who knew?

3. Young House Love is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs. It’s a young family who shares their experiences on everything from small remodels in their house to to hour long DIY projects. It’s a really cute site and if you’re into home repairs (which I am, another post for another time), check them out.

4. There are two squirrels in the backyard that have been taunting Logan. Taking turns jumping down from the tree, running on the ground to entice Logan to chase them, and then into another tree where Logan then stands frustrated. I would have found this more entertaining if Mike hadn’t send me this link. These squirrels aren’t the first friends she’s made in my backyard. This is Logan’s old pal, Fox (I took this picture in my backyard last summer).

5. I’m a big sucker for anything pantone. Seriously, these silly tins made my morning. I have high hopes of redecorating my office soon. These will most surely make the cut. Us designers have lots of important tools like crayons, sharpies, and tape.

6. Now, for the title’s question. The obvious answer is that we are both getting married. And as my own wedding is rapidly approaching, I am finding all of the royal wedding madness quite entertaining. Last week my sweet cousin, Melissa, gave me some cute knit dolls of Mike and me (in full Hawaiian garb) she had a friend make. On one of the websites recounting the hoopla surrounding William & Kate’s wedding, they featured some of the memorabilia you can buy. One of the featured items: a pattern to knit your own William & Kate dolls. So the REAL answer to that question is that we both are fortunate enough to have knit dolls of ourselves.


One Comment on “What do Caroline & Mike and William & Kate have in common?”

  1. Jules says:

    I absolutely love the Caroline and Mike dolls!! Melissa is the best! Brinkley made it home safely with no more snubnose comments.

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