Aloha Friday: The Art of Relaxing

My life has been so crazy and busy lately, I really look forward to my relaxing time. I’ve always been good at relaxing, I’ve just learned to appreciate it more. Mike jokes that I love to “hurry up and relax”. While it sounds like an oxymoron, it’s true. Why waste time running errands when you could hurry home and start relaxing. Below are a few of my favorite things to help me relax. I like to use the below items to relax while watching terrible reality television (think Real Housewives and Say Yes to the Dress) in my comfortable bed.

Top Relaxation Tools:

1. ipad 2: I am OBSESSED with it. I’m an Apple aficionado with an iphone, multiple ipods, an old ibook, 2 macbook pros, and an imac. The big missing piece from my collection was an ipad, but I wanted to hold out for ipad 2. My brother, Teddy, and I ordered ours the second we could (2 AM Denver time, 4 AM Florida time) and I’ve been attached ever since. Yes, I could relax with my macbook pro or iphone in bed and have access to Tetris and the internet, but there’s something incredibly sexy about this little device that I can access anything on literally with the touch of a finger.

2. Us Weekly and/or People magazine: No marathon relaxation session is complete without a tabloid. The People magazine app is pretty addictive on the ipad. It takes the magazine to a new level. They really made it completely interactive with additional information that is not included in the print form. As a complete paper fiend, I’m amused that I love this app so much, as eventually it will take the place of a printed piece, but this is just so well done.

2. Nestle Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips: I’m not quite sure why, but I’m fully addicted to these. I keep a pack (slash several) around at all times to munch on. There’s nothing better than alternating eating a few of these guys with a sip of red wine.

4.1 Kombucha: Item 4.1 is for daytime relaxing. Kombucha is deeelicious and makes me feel great. It’s a fermented tea that is often drunk for medicinal purposes. It’s carbonated and a pretty strong taste, it does take a bit of getting used to.

4.2 Red Wine: 4.2 is for evening relaxing. I don’t think much explanation is needed. My wallet and palate favor the Bota Box Cabernet.

5. Dog: Everyone needs a cuddle buddy. Mine happens to be particularly good at relaxing AND cuddling.

Bet you can guess what I’ll be doing Saturday afternoon.


One Comment on “Aloha Friday: The Art of Relaxing”

  1. this sounds like my kind of relaxing. chocolate, wine, reality tv..i just need a puppy!

    i love kombucha. i buy it by the case. i have one everyday!

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