Peep Mania

In honor of Easter this weekend, I thought I’d do an Easter inspired post. I wanted to include a mood board with a nice color palette, some gorgeous egg designs, etc. I think I’ll save that for another day this week. Because tonight I got distracted by… PEEPS.

America has peep mania. People do everything with their peeps. There are images of posing peeps in nearly every scene one can imagine including Star Trek peep scenes, Wizard of Oz peep scenes, and peeps doing yoga. While those are somewhat entertaining, they’re a bit cliche. I like my peeps to be used in edible or decorative states while embracing the natural form of the peep. Uses I found online for peeps include peep push pops, formal peeps, plush peeps, peeps in a vase, paper peeps, peep fried chicken, pikachu peep pops, stir fried peeps, topiary peeps, wreath peeps, peep monkey bread, peeps on the beach, etc., etc., etc..

And in honor of my upcoming name change…

Simpson Peeps

How do you like your peeps?


One Comment on “Peep Mania”

  1. Dory says:

    I like peeps in my mouth after I their tiny heads off! Yum yum!

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