Edible Babies, NBA logos, & Food Trucks

When I started this blog, I started twittering. It is amazing how many great links I’ve found through twitter. I really only started because people raved about the twitter interface on the ipad (which IS incredible), but it’s given me so many great ideas, links, and thoughts that I think I’ll continue.

1. Has anybody not on twitter heard of Grouchy Rabbit? It’s often “retweeted” as one of the top tweets. They are HILARIOUS. A few I saw recently that I liked:

2. As the NBA playoffs are going on, I found this link to be really fun and appropriate. This designer, Michael Weinstein, is a big basketball fan and decided he’d put his spin on the NBA logos. He shows his whole thought process and how he arrived at the new logo. There’s not a lot done yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing more in the future.
3. I love wine and thus have always dreamed of a cool wine cellar. But this link has taken it to a new level. This is hands down THE coolest wine cellar I’ve ever seen. This is on my life to do list: have a wine cellar exactly like this one.
4. Food Truck Tracker by Zagat. This is just a beta version and so far only works for New York, but I think it’s genius. I have mentioned the food truck craze here in Denver lately. One of the bigger issues with food trucks is the fact that you usually have to stumble upon it. If this works out, not anymore.
5. Evian Bottle design by Paul Smith. This bottle just makes me happy. Doesn’t it LOOK like summer??
6. Edible Babies. I mean… why not? Tiny babies made of marzipan. I don’t think these need a much more explanation. There’s really no explaining something like this. (PS I’m not into eating tiny marzipan babies. I don’t love this link, I’m fascinated by it in all it’s oddness).

You can thank Twitter for the majority of these finds.


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