Delicious Restaurant Designs

One of my absolute favorite things to work on are restaurant menus and menu housing. There’s something about organizing all that type that really clicks with me. It’s like a giant puzzle with ample typography. It also probably has to do with the fact that my first job worked on lots of restaurants, including one of our biggest clients at the time, Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine.

A lot of restaurants ignore the menu housing. Having a nicely designed menu is one thing, but a way to differentiate your restaurant from the masses is to have some unique menu housing. When I was working for Joey Spector Design in Manhattan, we worked on two different restaurant/bars’ (they were connected) menu housing. Vintage Irving is a wine bar and was looking for a unique way to show that “vintage” feel along with representing what they sell (wine). Below are a few of their options:

And their chosen menu housing (made of the boxes their wine was shipped to them in, bound with metal grommets, and topped off with a custom wax seal featuring their logo) and a sampling of their menu design.

The other restaurant (connected to Vintage Irving) we worked on at the same time was Side Bar, an upscale sports bar (both restaurants/bars were in Manhattan). They were looking for a sporty look that would allow them to change their menus out regularly. Here are a few of their menu housing options:

I’ve gained a few restaurant clients since moving to Denver. Jack’s (an Arvada based wine bar and restaurant) was looking for menus for both their restaurant and their coffee shop (located within the same space). They wanted them to be different looks, but to coordinate* (*Steamers has been open several years and they wished to maintain their existing logo.). I included similar typography in both and the use of the cup rings (red wine ring for Jack’s and coffee rings for Steamers).

All this food is making me hungry. Lunch time!


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