My Home Makeover: Part 2

More house renovations! Onto the bathroom. The bathroom before was a disaster. Literally the worst part of the house. The space is tiny, which there is not a whole lot to do about, but there were some improvements we made that helped to better utilize the space. They had the original tile that went all the way up the wall (a very dated style which closed the room in a bit), so we ripped all of that out. The biggest change was taking the archway over the bathtub (which essentially closed it in like a cave) and flattening it to a straight line to allow more light into the bathtub area. Everything was pretty dirty and old, so with the exception of the light fixture, which had been updated recently, we ripped it all out. I wanted to lighten the colors to help it appear more airy. I chose a white subway tile (both cost efficient and timeless)  for the shower, a gray stone for the floor, and all brushed metal fixtures.

LOVE my subway tile.

The previous owners had a bulky cabinet above the toilet, which I removed (and proudly, sold on Craig’s List). The reason they had this was because there was previously a pedestal sink, which visually adds less space than a traditional vanity, but left no room for storage. So, because a vanity didn’t come out much further than the pedestal sink, I added it with cabinets so there was usable space under the sink. In addition to that I traded out a traditional mirror (which had to be done anyway as the seller took literally everything that wasn’t nailed down) for a mirror with storage in it. You can tell from this comparison that just removing the tile on the walls made a HUGE difference:

The living room was actually what sold me on the house immediately. The seller had these amazing plantation shutters and it was decorated beautifully. The only issue I had with it were the walls. I don’t know why, and maybe it’s not just here, but in Denver the majority of homes have textured (or as I liked to refer to it as, “bumpy”) walls. This texture was not ordinary texture either. You could tell someone had spent a lot of time building it up to be these seashell shapes. If you’re into that, then I suppose it would be really nice. I, however, am not into texture. So I hired painters to skim the walls (it’s essentially adding a plaster to the walls to fill in the textured areas) in the living room and dining room where the texture was, sand them down, and repaint. I also repainted the house a lighter, more modern gray color. The living room painted so dark was a bit of a cave effect. Currently the only room in the house that remains brown (which is screaming for a redecoration: 2 months till ikea opens!) is the office. Here’s a peak at the living room the day I closed on the house and how it looks now:

Like I said, the house had good bones. The crown molding was in great shape and I continue to enjoy the plantation shutters.

The last few things I did were replace the front door (the old front door had water damage and also had no window which made the living room darker) and paint the bedroom. Neither really require before and after shots, but here’s the last few pics of my bedroom, office, new front door…

…and one of my favorite features: a little built in vanity area with storage and a place where I can do my makeup.

Recently we’ve completed an extra little project ot expand our closet space, but that’s another post for another time.


2 Comments on “My Home Makeover: Part 2”

  1. I’m about to paint my house that pale grey/blue colour and was a bit concerned of how it goes with floorboards, but it looks great! thansk for sharing.

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