I’m Alive

I started this blog to be fun, not to be a burden. So I’m not going to feel guilty that I’ve been a bit MIA, because to say I’ve been busy is a massive understatement. I’ve been swamped with work (trying to wrap up loose ends before I leave town and my business completely unattended for two weeks), hastily finishing up my wedding collateral (menus, programs, table numbers, etc. etc. etc) to be printed in time, running errands all about town, and partying bachelorette style (a la Vegas). We leave for Hawaii for the wedding a week from Saturday and I feel so overwhelmed I feel a bit like this:

And been running a bit slow this week because of this (Marquee at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas):

I’m hoping to soon feel like this (relaxing at my wedding venue with my brother, Teddy):

So cross your fingers I finish up all this (a sneak peak at my wedding invitation set, don’t worry, there’s more):

I think next week will be a bit calmer so I hope to get in some good posts!


One Comment on “I’m Alive”

  1. Meghan says:

    Okay — now I know that you girls don’t do “funny face” commands. I’ll be all smiles come wedding pics too.

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