My Weekend in Pictures

Weekend got off to a great start with a Rockies game.

My good friend, Alana, from college moved to Denver! Hooray!!

Gorgeous night in Denver

Saturday was errand day. I dragged Mike to nearly every craft store/ discount store/ clothing store in town to finish up wedding stuff. Bed, Bath, and Beyond made the list. I’m an avid Tervis Tumbler fan and while I knew they sold them, I didn’t know they sold THIS MANY. It was a complete remote Tervis Tumbler Store. Amazing

Received some cute “bee” champagne flutes.

Also received this return address stamp (Note: The address has been altered, there aren’t actually spaces in there) I designed for thank you notes. I’m a HUGE fan of designing and making your own rubber stamps. It’s such a personal look and pretty inexpensive.

We also ate some Greek food and saw Bridesmaids (hilarious), but neither warranted pictures. And then yesterday my plans were put on hold after I re dislocated my shoulder, sigh. Anyone else do anything fun this weekend? Next weekend we’ll be in Hawaii!


4 Comments on “My Weekend in Pictures”

  1. kelly says:

    Love the stamp! 🙂

  2. Jane says:

    Happy almost wedding week! Enjoy Hawaii … I’m super jealous!

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