Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival is currently going on in Cannes, France. As I’ve attended the festival I always get excited when the press starts showing the fashion and response to films from Cannes. The entire town (and surrounding towns) is abuzz with excitement. Celebrities, high fashion, gorgeous yachts, and exclusive parties run amok. Gorgeous hotels, top designers, and fabulous outdoor cafes line the boardwalks. The lobbies of these hotels (pictured below: The Carlton) are some of the best places to spot celebrities.

During the film festival, along the boardwalk, there are tents (the iconic pavilions) set up for each country where attendants can go to relax, eat, and use computers to read about films. When I attended Morgan Freeman and Colin Firth were guest speakers at the American Pavilion. Eating outside at the American Pavilion. Not the worst views.

Entering the main building:

The people in the pictures with me are classmates. Amazingly enough this was a May film class offered at Vanderbilt. We studied films and prepped on the industry and the festival for two weeks in Nashville and then headed to Cannes. The instructor had a film marketing company and listed us all as employees (the only way you can go to the festival is to be involved in the industry, there’s no purchasing of tickets) and we were allowed to enter the lottery system to “win” tickets to premieres. The big premieres at this festival (2005) were Sin City and Star Wars 3. Below is a few of us with a storm trooper on the red carpet.

Sadly this class is no longer offered at Vanderbilt as the instructor left to pursue the film industry full time, but I feel fortunate I got a glimpse into the world of the Hollywood elite. You can’t put into words the excitement over there. With the exception of the actors and directors involved in the film premiering, everyone is on the same level. There’s no special treatment. Everyone stands in line together to put their name into the computers hoping for the big ticket premieres. These big premieres are at night, but throughout the day you can attend smaller films that are in competition for other awards besides the Palm d’Or (the highest award at the festival). By chance, we viewed a film ( in a room with a capacity of about 30) that was directed and starred in by Pauly Shore, who introduced it to us.

Red Carpet at the Festival:

My red carpet shot (you can purchase the paparazzi shots, who knew), note the silouetted press in the background:

I think this picture really gives you a sense of how intense the paparazzi are there when they see someone they care about:

Celebrities literally are everywhere. At the airport leaving Cannes we ran into Benecio del Toro (who was there attending the Sin City premiere). Pictured with me is Lauren Failla (far right), a friend and sorority sister who is no longer with us.

Just seeing the pictures of this years’ celebrities and hearing about viewers’ responses to films makes me wish I was there! It’s easy to understand why this is one of the most (if not, the most) prestigious film festivals in the world. Everything about Cannes is sexy, even this year’s poster (which is a word I normally hate when describing design, as it’s massively overused, but incredibly descriptive of these clean lines, beautiful photography, and sparse use of color).

Anyone else attended any film festivals around the world?


3 Comments on “Cannes Film Festival”

  1. Zippy says:

    Great pics! Tres bien!

  2. Elisabeth says:

    Super! Best description ever! I felt I was there. Thank you.

  3. Henry says:

    Hi, I actually attended the Cannes Film Festival in 2005 as an intern with the American Pavilion. I had the opportunity to attend a number of screenings, including the world premiere of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang with Robert Downey, Jr. I also met few cool people over there, including Javier Bardem, Roger Ebert, David Cronenberg, and Alexander Payne (just months after he won his Oscar for Sideways). My college friend Cassie, who was also on the trip, ran into Benicio Del Toro a few times. It was a surreal trip, to be sure, and I think you hit the nail on the head, everything about Cannes is sexy.

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