Week 2: Snapshots of a Kauai Honeymoon

We honeymooned for a week on Kauai in Lihue, near the Poipu side of the island. We stayed at the Marriott and had a fabulous time relaxing and doing little.

The fountains in the pool were a strange mix of Asian and Roman influences. Couldn’t quite get in the designer’s head on that one.

We were warned the island of Kauai was overpopulated with chickens, but I can’t say we were expecting to see them EVERYWHERE. All hours of the day roosters are crowing and everywhere you look there is a chicken or a chicken family.

Our hotel had a gorgeous koi pond PACKED with koi.

Big tourist adventure for Mike and me: helicopter tour of the island. Absolutely amazing and one of the only ways to see the Napali Coast and the Waimea Canyon (which they refer to as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific). You also get some great aerial shots of where they filmed Jurassic Park.

Though I haven’t yet seen it, I’ve been told this is in several Pirates of the Caribbean 4 scenes.

Obligatory honeymoon last name pic.

The beach right in front of our hotel. I love the gorgeous cliffs behind which are definitely something the Big Island does not have.

Mai Tai at Duke’s

The view from Duke’s, which was conveniently attached to our hotel.

After visiting a completely tiny, tourist beach in Poipu we decided to make the drive to a completely amazing, remote beach near the Napali Coast. It was well worth the extra hour and 5 mile dirt road (which quite honestly, our little rental car should not have made). The cliffs you see are the beginning of the coast. It was scorching hot, yet amazing. We packed all the essentials, food and beer.

Little sneak peak at one of the welcome kit items I designed.

On the last night we headed down to Princeville to eat at the St. Regis Hotel. It was well worth the trek. Here’s a glimpse at the hotel. Think waterfalls, huge cliffs, old school Hawaii beauty.

It was an amazing week and an great overall trip to Hawaii! Now to work on branding this site from Caroline Mundt soon to be Simpson Design to Caroline Simpson Design. Stay posted on that!

Hope everyone is having a good week,


2 Comments on “Week 2: Snapshots of a Kauai Honeymoon”

  1. What a sweet honeymoon, Caro! I especially love the photo “The Simpsons” in the sand. So happy for you!!!

  2. Thanks, Natalie!! So great seeing you in Hawaii! Hope NYC is a blast 🙂

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