Molly’s Baby Unshower

Last year my cousin Molly had her second baby. As it was a second baby (and their second girl) it was customary not to have another shower. However, her sister, Melissa, wanted to throw her essentially a “welcome” party for the second little one. She chose an Alice in Wonderland theme and I got started on the invitations. As it wasn’t really a baby shower (no gifts), we thought it would be a cute idea to call it a Baby Unshower, as Alice attended an Unbirthday Party. I included some illustrations for the original book, bright pinks and greens, and did some research on fun phrases to accompany the invitation.

As there are several “eat me” and “drink me” signs throughout Alice in Wonderland, I incorporated this in both the envelope and a sign to accompany the (oh so adorable) cake.

I had a really great time with the wording on the back of the invitation. Most of it are phrases from the book or movie that are slightly tweaked to be more party appropriate.

Overall a really cute, fun project to work on!


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