Aloha Friday: Intern Spotlight

At the end of a somewhat (and by somewhat, I mean very) slow week here at Caroline Simpson (woo!) Design, I decided it would be a good idea to tell you a little about my intern (mostly because I wanted to look back at her sweet baby pictures).

Name: Logan
DOB: 2-12-2007 in Pennsylvania
Places Lived: NYC, Denver
Places Visited: La Jolla, Tulsa, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Hoboken

The Day Logan came to live with me:

It was only a week later Logan learned to paint with poop and painted the entire kitchen brown. If only I hadn’t been so angry and taken a few pictures. (Imagine me scraping poop paw prints from the white cabinets and floor with a razor blade.)

Logan has always been a napper:

And has always enjoyed toys (yes, that is a tiny stuffed Ugg boot):

And continues to pursue the same interests:

All the while she tolerates me (in particular my Halloween costume obsession):

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


2 Comments on “Aloha Friday: Intern Spotlight”

  1. Zippy says:

    Awww I remember the day we met Logan! And how she used to think my rug was the ideal spot to pee in hahahaha! ADORABLE!

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