Art in the Kitchen

When registering for wedding gifts, we came upon several designers we really liked. Getting married in your late twenties, you tend to already have the basic kitchen things. So it was a lot of fun looking at things that were a bit more “dinner party” oriented and not to be utilized in everyday use. I really found that you could turn your kitchenware into a type of art gallery. There are so many amazing designers doing home goods now. Here are a few of my favorites:

Michael Aram

Aram is an American artist who works primarily with metals. No piece he makes is exactly the same. They are a broad range of work that fit well in both modern and contemporary homes , yet also more traditional interiors. On a more personal note, as a lover of yellow gold, these are right up my alley.

Salad bowl with a mesh top (which would be great for an outdoor dinner party):

His black orchid collection:

LOVE this cutting board with the lemons:

My favorite pieces of Aram’s are the salt and pepper shakers. I love that these are so unique and can sit out on your table all the time.

We have these pears:

Jonathan Adler

Adorable teapot and mug from the always talented Jonathan Adler. Kind of a staple artist when you’re talking about interior design and home goods.


These are more of a designer’s delight because the shapes and combination of the wood with the metal are pretty inventive. It is the innovation that makes these a work of art, rather than decoration. Think modern art versus the Renaissance.

Jan Barboglio

I have a few of her pieces. They are a bit rustic and country home style, but used sparingly are really unique. Here is some stemware I’m downright obsessed with.


One Comment on “Art in the Kitchen”

  1. Danielle says:

    The tea pot is so pretty!

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