Link Love: Water Slides, Wine, and Working for Free?

As yesterday was the first official day of summer, I’ve got pools and water slides and vacations and beaches on the mind. I stumbled upon a blog yesterday that showcased this. This EXISTS, in Italy. I now have another destination on my must visit list. Can you imagine? Sigh.

As a designer the question of working for free comes up quite often. Potential clients often promise “future work” or other incentives. A word to young designers, though the promise of a portfolio piece sounds alluring, don’t go there. Do your own portfolio pieces for fictional clients if you need more to show. By accepting a job for no pay you are cheapening the field and making it nearly impossible for yourself in the future. Designer Jessica Hische made this chart that I find absolutely hilarious. Take a look!

As our Denver Ikea opens in less than a month I’ve been googling Ikea. I stumbled upon this link. Christian Gideon Photography shot this fun series considering the thought of “what if I lived in Ikea”. Funny and creative, check it out!

I LOVE these wine bottles for a fun gift. They’re simple, graphic, quick to the point and yet they are WINE. What’s not to like about all of those things!

Design Sponge featured this artist (Amanda Wachob) yesterday and I couldn’t stop looking at her work. I personally have no tattoos (like I’ve mentioned, even if I wanted one, I could never commit to one style for life), but these are amazing. They’re seriously works of art. They range from this painterly style bird to the more abstract like below. I just LOVE how unique these are (and her website is pretty great too!).


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