Aloha Friday: Everything’s coming up roses

This has been one of those long, frustrating weeks and I’m extremely happy it’s Friday. The weather has turned absolutely gorgeous here in Denver. Mike and I did some landscaping this week, it’s not quite finished but I’ll post on that soon. Tonight, however, I’m having a few girls over for drinks and appetizers (a fun excuse to use some wedding gifts)! I have a rose bush in my front yard that I’ve been eying and debating cutting the roses off to bring inside. For the occasion tonight I thought it was appropriate. I have some simple, clear small vases that I’ve received flowers in and thought it would be fun to do the roses all squashed in, as they are not long stemmed. A few pricks later, I am really excited with the final product.

2 other reasons this weekend is coming up roses? 90 degree weather (ahhh how I miss Oklahoma sometimes) and the True Blood premiere. Anyone else as addicted to that show as me? Here’s a great article I found on CNN about True Blood. I’d also kill to be on their creative team. The off-season tagline “Waiting Sucks” is genius. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


One Comment on “Aloha Friday: Everything’s coming up roses”

  1. Julie says:

    I LOVE true blood too! I was Sookie for halloween last year. Miss you and hope married life is treating you well!!! Phone date soon? Also, when are you coming to NYC?!?! xoxo

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