A Personal Apocalypse

I’m feeling a bit feisty today.

Monday night we attempted to go to a movie and for the second time in a week I locked my keys in the house. With no family members with keys here (and Mike’s key locked in as well), we faced a dilemma. How to break into a house that I work hard to make hard to break into? The windows are new and have the safety pulls that don’t allow it to open beyond a certain point unless you’re controlling it inside. LUCKILY (?) ONE window’s safety pulls were undone inside. It was the tiniest window in the house, but I managed to shimmy my way into the house via a lift from Mike and a toilet hand-stand into the bathroom.

Last night Mike and I had grand plans to cook out steaks. We had them all ready to go, all the fixings for salad and twice baked potatoes, and then a power outage ran us out of our house. Apparently Colorado can’t keep up with 100 degree weather heat because it certainly seemed like a brown out.

Last night after the power outage forced Mike and I to go out to dinner my car was hit while we were eating. The driver originally hit it and ran, but either her conscience got the better of her or the fact that there were multiple witnesses with her plate numbers as it was in the midst of Rockie’s game traffic. Thanks, Kim, I really wanted to deal with this right now:

So instead of all the work I needed to be doing this morning I shopped around getting my car fixed and talking to Geico. In the midst of my exciting morning, I look out my office window and notice tree leaves where they shouldn’t be. I peak out a bit more and see a tree on my property line has fallen on top of my neighbor’s car. This does not surprise me. Given the way this week has gone, why wouldn’t a healthy tree uproot itself and fall onto my neighbor’s BMW?

I attempt to move the tree myself with no luck. So I enlist my friend Alana’s help (as she is currently funemployed after recently relocating here) and together we move the tree to a new “falling position” that hit nothing! (How miraculous!) Thankfully, the hood of the car next door doesn’t have a scratch on it.

Lessons Learned this Week (Please let this be the end of them):
1. Give friends a key even if you have no local family members.
1.5 I’ve found a fault in my home security I’ve corrected!
2. I may never fit in here in Colorado. 100 degrees without humidity really isn’t THAT hot. Come on.
3. There’s no lesson to learn from my car being backed into as that girl got a major lucky break by the cop letting her off from the hit and run charge.
4. Always move fallen trees from your neighbor’s cars before panicking. There may be no damage.

Anyone else have a spell of bad luck this week?


6 Comments on “A Personal Apocalypse”

  1. Julie says:

    The good thing about your horribly awful week is that tomorrow is Aloha Friday, the start of a three day weekend, and Fourth of July weekend!!! Let the good times begin!!

  2. Maureen D. says:

    1. I got a flat tire on the way to my nanny job.

    2. Three days later I had to call aaa again bc my car battery died.

    3. Had to quit nanny job bc they live too far away abd gas was eating up everything I was earning.

    4. Went on a blind date with my friend’s asshole exbf.

    I might have an inkling of what you’re going through…but with all the crap comes some awesome stuff too. I just found out I got a part in a musical at the PAC!

  3. Anthony Fasciano says:

    Wow, does not get much worse… Your week is only going to get better with my arrival tommorow!!!

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