Branding & More: Brenda Simon Photography

I met Brenda Simon through her husband, a dentist whose company I had just designed a logo and website for. She wanted to overhaul her brand as well after seeing her husband’s company identity completed. She wanted a fun, youthful, bright look for her photography company, which specializes in children and baby photography. We started with a logo, designed a postcard to place in doctor’s offices, and overhauled the front-end design of her website. The logo is loosely based on an abstracted mobile.

Screen shot of the homepage (forgive my massive browser window). Full site here. This was a fun, quick project because essentially we just gave the site a face lift with her new identity. We left the structure the same, but added her logo, changed the colors, and added the film strip element.

I don’t have any children, but I’d highly recommend Brenda to friends who do, her work is gorgeous. Her home is filled with amazing shots of her children, which I imagine has to be a major plus to being a photographer.


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