A Serious Case of the Mondays

I don’t know why I’m so distracted today, but I’ve sat at my computer for about 6 hours and produced probably 30 billable minutes of work. I couldn’t even think of a good blog post to work on to help motivate myself. So I’m going to blog about the things that keep distracting me.

1. Oklahoma Football
Are you aware the season starts a week from Saturday?? Our opener is against Tulsa and I’m OH-SO-EXCITED. While it’s also exciting we’re #1 in all the pre-season rankings, I try not to get too excited about all the hoopla as we haven’t really proven we’re number one in awhile. 10 years to be exact. No matter, I’m excited. I have year-long visions of sipping on pumpkin spice lattes watching ESPN Gameday in bed each Saturday while dressing my poor dog in her OU jersey.

2. Pure Barre
My friend Casi is a Pure Barre instructor here in Denver and has been telling me about classes for awhile. I take a lot of classes at 24 hour fitness and thus didn’t rush over to try classes because I figured it was nearly the same as their pilates, but I’m sorry I waited so long. I’m obsessed. I started Friday and I’ve already been to three classes. I feel like I’d hit a workout plateau and this is just the thing to get me re-motivated again. It’s the perfect fusion of stretching, pilates, and dance. Hit it up!

3. Gingersnaps
When was the last time you had a gingersnap? Until recently I couldn’t remember, but I will not be forgetting these snacks any time soon. They are DELICIOUS. I bought some for a desert I made this past weekend and now I can’t stop eating the leftover snaps. “Oh I have to get some water in the kitchen… Hmm, those ginger snaps aren’t going to eat themselves…” Good thing I’ve been doing lots of Pure Barre.
*I looked for a Ginger Snap picture to accompany this, but found mostly DVD art from a horror flick called Ginger Snaps. Doesn’t sound so scary to me!

So this is what’s been occupying my day. Crossing my fingers for a more productive Tuesday and a design related post!


One Comment on “A Serious Case of the Mondays”

  1. glad you’ve discovered Pure Barre. It’s my favorite!

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