Coffee Shop Chronicles pt. 1: My Mission to Find a New Office away from my Office

So in light of my recently lost concentration, I’m starting a new post series on coffee shops around town. For the freelancer, an occasional coffee shop visit is life. Whether it be for a meeting with a client, a caffeine fix, or just a temporary relocation without the distractions of televisions, dogs, or house work. For the freelancer in a rut, it’s an absolute must for finding motivation. Something about the other people working hard around you (alright, they may not reallllly be working that hard, but maybe if I pretend they are it’ll have the same effect), the extra caffeine jolt, and the change of scenery.


Stella’s Coffeehause: Coffee Shop Visit #1

Stella’s is a small, independently owned coffee shop on Old Pearl Street, close to my house. It’s in an old house and thus the spaces to sit are all in different rooms. Finding a spot can be tricky, so grab a table when you see one.
Perks: Free internet (which honestly should be a given these days, but I have a feeling won’t always be the case), close location, usually great coffee, and a nice funky vibe
Downers: Difficult to find parking (and when you do, the majority of the spots are two hours only; who can finish their work in two hours?), crowded, and the chai tea latte I had was terrible (though this isn’t normally the case there: maybe the barista was having a lack of motivation yesterday)
Motivation Rating: 3 out of 5 (I got some work done, but I don’t think I’ll be a regular here. I much prefer it as a post-dinner-date-pick-me-up coffee shop)

*I will take my own pics at the next coffee shop, as yesterday I didn’t know I’d be starting this series.

Stayed tuned as I caffeinate my way around Denver trying to find the most motivating environment.


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