My Client Website Designs

After an unannounced (unplanned) hiatus from blogging, I’m back. Work has been busy and we’ve been enjoying the fall weather (especially after a quick jaunt to Houston this past weekend) here in Denver.

When certain clients approach me for new projects, there are several examples of work they won’t usually find in my portfolio. These include things like banner ads, powerpoints, flyers, and a lot of times active websites. It’s not because I’m not proud of these projects, but mostly because I have less control over the final product. For example, when I build a banner ad, I have very little space and most of the time are using not-so-great web fonts. Or, when I build powerpoints, I have very little control on content, just background images. So, while I have lots of examples of these things, I usually wait for someone to request to see them rather than flaunt them on my portfolio site.

Websites are another animal. I don’t tend to show a lot of active websites to potential clients because honestly a lot of it gets botched in the development. Developers versus designers is another post on it’s own, but the short of it is that developers are usually satisfied with high function while designers clearly care about aesthetic over function. {Note: Designers, care about function, we just believe there is a way to achieve it while also achieving something aesthetically pleasing.} After something has gone through development, it often doesn’t look 100% like I designed it. So, sometimes I show .pdfs of websites from my final designs versus sending the URL’s.

Lately, I’ve been working on so many websites I’ve gotten a bit curious poking around old sites of mine and thought I’d share a few. These sites are ones I still work on occasionally (some, regularly) where I was pretty pleased with the development. This kind of gives you an idea of a large amount of the work I do these days. All of the these sites I designed both the logos and the brand look.

Katz & Louizeaux

Maggie S. Photography

OHM Acupuncture

Mountain Daisy

Brenda Simon Photography

With a lot of the work going interactive these days, it’s harder to keep complete design control. I’ve also had several projects that are confidential throughout the development process. And as a lot of those projects are only in the beginning stages, some are never even fully developed as they don’t receive enough funding. Thus, they’re somewhat stuck in my computer as I’m not allowed to share them. However, I do have several sites that are in progress right now that I’m excited to show you all soon.


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