Missoni for Target launched today. If you’ve turned on your tv or read a magazine in the last month, you are aware of this. Alright, the majority of my Colorado friends are not so aware of this, but a lot of other people got the memo. Even our local CO Target had a line out the front before the store opened (this picture is almost silly to post as I’m aware that other markets probably had lines five times as long).

(Side note: I did not notice there were any guys in line until viewing this. Interesting…)

I arrived at 8 and walked right in with this line. Unfortunately, I did not prepare myself to run (much like I imagine the day after Thanksgiving sales, which I’ve not attended) so I did not get the flats I wanted. I did however get a pillow, a scarf, and a bag full of stuff I will be returning (please no judgement, when people around you are grabbing stuff off the shelves, you get into it). Literally women were pulling anything and everything from the shelves. This particular launch had items ranging from women’s clothing to cosmetic bags to laptop cases to bedding. Thus, women were running around the entire store. The concept is genius.

My fav items I grabbed (literally):

For those of you that don’t know the concept (I’m speaking to you, Colorado and men who were not in line in front of me), occasionally Target finds top designers to do a limited edition affordable line for the store. In the past they’ve had lines from designers Proenza Schouler, John Derian, and Temple St. Claire. The Missoni launch was unique because it was arguably the most popular, famous designer they’ve collaborated with and they had such a wide range of products. Women were literally taking things from the Target employees before they had time to put them on the shelves. People are crazy over Missoni’s signature zigzag pattern.

The below picture of the empty women’s clothing racks was taken at 8:06 (reminder, the store opened at 8:00).

The funniest moment had to be when I was checking out. I questioned the check-out boy about the stock they’d received and asked if they had gotten the bike (which had been featured in just about every magazine for the past two months). The lady in the next checkout line leaned over to tell me she had gotten the bike. She also proceeded to inform me she had mapped out her route before the morning and had run straight to the bike, where she was lucky enough to snag the only one. Not a stupid move considering she can probably double her money on ebay tomorrow…

In fact, people were so excited about this launch, the Target website has been down since this morning. Woof!

The article about the site being down also mentions a big markup on items going on ebay already (the line released 3 hours ago…). Maybe overbuying wasn’t such a bad idea πŸ™‚ Regardless of whether I keep anything, the furor over these crazy zigzags has put a smile on my face.


7 Comments on “Missoni MADNESS”

  1. Zippy says:

    So jealous!!! This stuff looks amazing.

  2. Julie Mundt says:

    Ok now that I see the bike I want it BAD!!! At least I got a sweater and scarf!!!! You’re the bestest daughter ever!

  3. kelly says:

    Love the scarves! I bet it was a mad house…I didn’t make it until after work! πŸ™‚

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