The Power of Print: Anthro birthday mailer

I love paper. LOOOVE it. I love invitations, packaging, posters, books, cards, etc., etc., etc. I love nice printing. Sadly I feel like a lot of these things I love are disappearing because of the power and quickness of the internet and the “Go Green” movement. Because I love paper, I really appreciate when a store gives me something or mails me something that I didn’t receive in an eblast.

My birthday is in October and today I received a little gem of a mailer from Anthropologie in anticipation of “my day”. The theme was “me time” and included a cute little bracelet as well as a 15% off for the month coupon. I thought I’d share because I was so excited by not only their thoughtfulness of remembering my birthday (hehe), but also by the simple beauty of this little piece, which serves as a great reminder why print work is still relevant and useful. Enjoy.

My love of paper has inspired me in different ways recently. Stay tuned this week for an announcement and launch (hint, hint…)!


One Comment on “The Power of Print: Anthro birthday mailer”

  1. kelly says:

    I love the Anthro birthday surprises! And I LOVE paper too!!! 🙂

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