Christo comes to Colorado

I was excited to find an article on the Denver Post today about a new Christo installment here in Colorado. It is called the “Over the River” installation and will be on display in August of 2014 over parts of the Arkansas River in southern Colorado.

Above is the artist’s drawing of the proposed project.

Another drawing of the proposed project (which the couple began research for beginning in 1992)

Christo and his late wife Jeanne-Claude (because she was involved in even his latest project, I will refer to her as still currently creating) create enviornmental works of art. Their work is completed on a massive scale, which they claim to be the point (no deeper meaning implied): the immediate impact upon viewing the work. Their work is easily recognizable worldwide and is interesting in the fact that it is always temporary. In fact, they consider the restoration of the site to it’s original form to be part of the art itself. Their works include:

The Pong Neuf wrapped in Paris, France in September 1985

“Surrounded Islands” in the Biscayne Bay, Florida in 1983

“Wrapped Reichstag” in Berlin in 1995

“The Gates” in Central Park, Manhattan in 2005

“The Gates” was the most recent Christos work of art on a large scale. The funding for the new Colorado project will cost over $50 million, which will be covered by fundraising and money raised with book sales and related art. While the cost is steep, it’s estimated the project will generate nearly $121 million in economic activity because of tourism and art sales.

Personally, I think it’s exciting and there’s no harm in a temporary installation, let alone one that’ll bolster the economy and stir conversation. The comments on the Denver Post article suggest many people feel otherwise. Anyone else have any thoughts about it?


One Comment on “Christo comes to Colorado”

  1. kelly says:

    Very exciting in my opinion!

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