Denver H&M Opening

While I wasn’t going to wait in line for the first Denver H&M opening today, I found myself in prime viewing real estate, as my stint downtown is only a block away. I ventured down to see what the hoopla was all about (my excuse being the amazing 60 degree weather and sunshine) and was not disappointed.

The entire 16th street mall was filled with lollygaggers such as myself merely taking in the festivities. The line (of about 900 people, 100 of which camped out overnight in the 20 degree temps) wrapped completely around the Pavilions. Glenarm was blocked off with tents and DJ booths blasting music. Minutes before the official opening at noon the staff came running down the street screaming and yelling in their staff shirts, forming a jumping huddle in front of the store. Their enthusiasm was contagious. Even the Greenpeace people gave up attempting to  convert the lunch crowd and watched as the people counted down from 10 to the opening.

One of my closest friends, Carly (Happy Birthday to her!!), a New Yorker, laughed a bit when I informed her I was going to stop by our first H&M opening. She assumed all places had H&M. Those of us that have spent a little time in Colorado would feel the opposite I think. I’m happy, but pretty surprised they decided to open here. Coloradan’s fashion isn’t exactly extremely trendy, though our love for bargains would be a big draw.

And in a true Colorado moment, right before the opening, a couple tapped me on the back and asked what store was opening. I said, “H&M!” (mostly in surprise as there were huge signs ALL over the building and in posters around) and they replied (with confused bewilderment), “What’s that?”. Baby steps, Colorado.


3 Comments on “Denver H&M Opening”

  1. Zippy says:

    Yeahhhhhh H&M!!!

    old one

  2. kelly says:

    Ahhhh…Dying to go! 🙂

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