Santa Stock

While finishing up my second to last day at this financial real estate company (hooray for having my flexibility back!), I was assigned a project requiring some Santa stock photography. It’s a given most Santa stock would be corny, but what I found was unbelievable (all searched from the term “santa”, nothing out of the ordinary). Thought I’d share a few to get you through your Tuesday!

This one is legitimately called yuletide log.

Santa on a tank…

Obligatory weight loss Santa.

Big Daddy Clause.

I can’t fathom what someone would need Santa riding a dragon for, but I like to think it’s something awesome.

In a similar world of “where in the heck would this ever be applicable??”, I give you Egyptian Santas.

Any my personal favorite.
Seriously with this one?! Santa, no!!

The photography is a completely different game, so I’m just going to share one. Nothing says Christmas like a creepy “santa couple”.

I especially like how sweaty the man is. (All images are from istock).

My project eventually featured Santa riding a fork lift in an industrial warehouse. Standard.

Merry Christmas everyone 🙂


2 Comments on “Santa Stock”

  1. Tyler Coyle says:

    i love the dragon one — can we put something like that on our beer?
    strong work neighbs!

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