our texan neighbor: shoveling extraordinaire

Today it is snowing. This was a surprise to everyone, even our meteorologists (who stressed multiple times on the news that this was not the largest missed snow snowstorm, which didn’t seem to be a very strong argument for their skills). Working from home is a major advantage to me when it snows. Today there was an even bigger perk, watching our across the street neighbor. The house across the street is a rental and has provided a good deal of entertainment to me since I moved in. It’s residents have included college students and a very mysterious woman who moved out three months after her arrival in the dead of night. After that the house was abandoned for awhile (unbeknownst to the owner) and finally the city gave multiple warnings of impending fees because their weeds grass was so overgrown.

The newest resident is a Texan. We know this because of his license plate, but even if he had Colorado plates we would know he’s not from here. When I left for Hawaii we received over a foot of snow. Mike left for work one morning and found this note on his car:

If you live in Colorado (or honestly, even if you don’t), you should find this funny. A foot of snow isn’t exactly “digging” your car out and our city-owned street doesn’t exactly have assigned parking. Despite it’s strangeness, the note is very charming in a polite way that probably only a Texan or a southerner could pull off.

Today the Texan was out in full force. He likes to keep his stairs and car shoveled even when it’s still snowing. I snapped this creepy photo because if you’re weird enough to leave my husband a note like that, I think it’s okay I take a photo of you shoveling in the midst of more snow.

I was having a good time just thinking about the fact he was “shoveling out his car” (mind you, he didn’t go anywhere, his car is still here…) and then I see him come across the street. I think to myself, what is he doing? Not kidding, he shovels out the spot Mike’s car was in. I can assume this was done in hopes that Mike would not swoop in and take his own newly “dug out” spot. This is puzzling on many counts. Perhaps he should invest in snow boots instead of spending so much time and worrying about shoveling.

Lovely little snow day. Welcome to Colorado, Texan.


One Comment on “our texan neighbor: shoveling extraordinaire”

  1. hahaha i really hope this guy finds this post somehow.

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