the joy of polaroids: parties + a guestbook idea

For my wedding last June I incorporated some of the new Polaroid cameras with the guestbook. My cute cousins, Natalie and Madeline, took pictures of guests and sent them towards the guestbook where they put their photo in and wrote a note. It was a fun way to remember the evening and I’m so happy we have it as a keepsake to look back from the evening.

While out in Hawaii over Christmas we pulled out the cameras and leftover film and brought it along to Hokulia (actually our wedding venue) for a New Year’s party. It provided for cute, fun keepsakes of the evening (not to mention entertainment and a reason to wear New Year’s crowns). We even took some party pics of other guests and gave it to them as a keepsake.

(Why yes, that is a big sweaty sumo man posing as a big sweaty New Year’s baby.)

And an Instagram photo, because there’s no better way to end/start a year.

Anyone else have a new or old polaroid laying around they like to bust out for special occasions?

3 Comments on “the joy of polaroids: parties + a guestbook idea”

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