week 5 of 52.18 weeks {365 days} of photos

January has whizzed past and suddenly we are already into February, when did this happen?? Week 5 included lots of Logan (who I really could do an entire 365 project on, she’s my fav subject), an epic non-stick fail (which has me wanting to toss this stupid pan), Costco loving, a package with some party treats, new Scorpio bling, a BLIZZARD, and PINK TIPS. My hair is extremely long and I figure why not have a little fun with  it before I chop some off.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

week 4 of 52.18 weeks {365 days} of photos

I’m a bad blogger these days. But here are last week’s pics! The week included a sneak peek of the new studio bedding, some pure barre, lots of skiing, a fashion don’t, a little art project, and an ikea visit (all for the studio, which I can’t wait to show off, but am still waiting for several things).

Week 5 is coming on time in several minutes, wahoo!


week 3 of 52.18 weeks {365 days} of photos

Monday post of new pics, finally getting on track.

Last week included lots of good food (the last batch of pesto made from my basil last year) and wine (a trip to Vinue, a self-serve wine bar), some Nuggets action, some beautiful weather (the still-melting snow is deceptive, don’t let it fool you, it was in the 60’s in January in Denver), a not so painful dentist visit, and a big decision to redecorate my office (now to be known as my studio).

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

week 2 of 52.18 weeks {365 days} of photos

I’m off to meet a friend for lunch who is also completing a 365 photo project this year and just the thought of telling her I didn’t upload my pics on week 2 already made me want to upload right away. I blame it on the short week!

Last week included a full moon, an unexpected snowstorm, a haircut, new broncos gear (which apparently was bad luck), some pool playing, baking a banana cream pie, and some new nail polish. Not a bad little week.

Hope everyone is having a nice week!


week 1 of 52.18 weeks {365 days} of photos

This is the project I mentioned last week. 365 day projects are a bit tired, but can be really nice when done well and I haven’t done one (and this one would seem to make a nice keepsake). For 365 days I will take at least a photo a day on my iphone (again, much thanks to the creators of Instagram and Hipstamatic for making me seem like a somewhat better photographer than I actually am) and I will lay them out into a book format. I saw this idea on pinterest (thanks again to the greatest time-suck of our era) and thought it would be really cool to have an entire year of photos, each day featuring some aspect of life in 2012. Thanks to Blurb there is an InDesign plugin which will allow me to lay this out and design this as a really nice book. Below is a sample (week 1!), each week will be a spread with seven photos featuring the dates and a small caption for each image. The layout isn’t final yet, I just wanted to go ahead and get started.

Each week, to hold myself accountable, I will post the photos from the previous week. I think because January 1 was on a Sunday I’ll post these typically on Mondays. So, here we go, here’s week 1 and my attempt to capture everyday life from my iphone.

One week down. 51.18 to go!