Aloha Friday: Firecracker Baby

—My mom and me circa 1984—

TGIF. Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!


Aloha Friday: Everything’s coming up roses

This has been one of those long, frustrating weeks and I’m extremely happy it’s Friday. The weather has turned absolutely gorgeous here in Denver. Mike and I did some landscaping this week, it’s not quite finished but I’ll post on that soon. Tonight, however, I’m having a few girls over for drinks and appetizers (a fun excuse to use some wedding gifts)! I have a rose bush in my front yard that I’ve been eying and debating cutting the roses off to bring inside. For the occasion tonight I thought it was appropriate. I have some simple, clear small vases that I’ve received flowers in and thought it would be fun to do the roses all squashed in, as they are not long stemmed. A few pricks later, I am really excited with the final product.

2 other reasons this weekend is coming up roses? 90 degree weather (ahhh how I miss Oklahoma sometimes) and the True Blood premiere. Anyone else as addicted to that show as me? Here’s a great article I found on CNN about True Blood. I’d also kill to be on their creative team. The off-season tagline “Waiting Sucks” is genius. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Aloha Friday: The Art of Relaxing

My life has been so crazy and busy lately, I really look forward to my relaxing time. I’ve always been good at relaxing, I’ve just learned to appreciate it more. Mike jokes that I love to “hurry up and relax”. While it sounds like an oxymoron, it’s true. Why waste time running errands when you could hurry home and start relaxing. Below are a few of my favorite things to help me relax. I like to use the below items to relax while watching terrible reality television (think Real Housewives and Say Yes to the Dress) in my comfortable bed.

Top Relaxation Tools:

1. ipad 2: I am OBSESSED with it. I’m an Apple aficionado with an iphone, multiple ipods, an old ibook, 2 macbook pros, and an imac. The big missing piece from my collection was an ipad, but I wanted to hold out for ipad 2. My brother, Teddy, and I ordered ours the second we could (2 AM Denver time, 4 AM Florida time) and I’ve been attached ever since. Yes, I could relax with my macbook pro or iphone in bed and have access to Tetris and the internet, but there’s something incredibly sexy about this little device that I can access anything on literally with the touch of a finger.

2. Us Weekly and/or People magazine: No marathon relaxation session is complete without a tabloid. The People magazine app is pretty addictive on the ipad. It takes the magazine to a new level. They really made it completely interactive with additional information that is not included in the print form. As a complete paper fiend, I’m amused that I love this app so much, as eventually it will take the place of a printed piece, but this is just so well done.

2. Nestle Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips: I’m not quite sure why, but I’m fully addicted to these. I keep a pack (slash several) around at all times to munch on. There’s nothing better than alternating eating a few of these guys with a sip of red wine.

4.1 Kombucha: Item 4.1 is for daytime relaxing. Kombucha is deeelicious and makes me feel great. It’s a fermented tea that is often drunk for medicinal purposes. It’s carbonated and a pretty strong taste, it does take a bit of getting used to.

4.2 Red Wine: 4.2 is for evening relaxing. I don’t think much explanation is needed. My wallet and palate favor the Bota Box Cabernet.

5. Dog: Everyone needs a cuddle buddy. Mine happens to be particularly good at relaxing AND cuddling.

Bet you can guess what I’ll be doing Saturday afternoon.

Aloha Friday 4.8.11

Welcome to the first “Aloha Friday”.  The newscasters in Hawaii refer to Friday (ahh beginning of the weekend) as Aloha Friday. It really doesn’t change anything about the day, as it’s not a holiday. It’s every Friday. But it’s essentially a vacation mentality I wish us “mainlanders” had. Though not all of us are lucky enough to reside in a tropical paradise, we too can have a bit of “aloha” in our lives. So I plan on using my Friday posts, Aloha Fridays, as a more open, free forum (not so strictly design oriented). Just things that interest and excite me.

So right after I’ve told you that Aloha Friday doesn’t always mean design, I’m going to really confuse the matter and start things off on a design oriented post. Aloha Friday also does NOT mean it will always be island related (as I said, it’s more a state of mind, than literally mai tai’s and waves). However, today’s post is both design and island related.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m getting married in Hawaii in May. I’ve always been intrigued by the vintage Hawaiian look. There’s something so classic about it. So I knew right away (and by right away I mean after we deliberated where the wedding would actually take place) I wanted our save-the-date to resemble a vintage Hawaiian postcard. I decided to use an actual image on the front after searching through countless terrible stock illustration. The fonts are some of my favorites (I won’t bore the masses, but if you’re interested, message me and I’ll tell you the names) and I think overall the look is exactly what we wanted. I’m all about the details. Though no one could see the “place stamp here” message under the stamp, I knew I wanted it to aid in authenticity. I was also quite pleased with the fact that the image chosen on the front is our actual venue, Hokulia. Using an image of the actual venue was an excellent way to excite guests.

Anyone need any save-the-dates designed? I’m available for hire and love doing them!