Introducing Pumpkinhead Paperie

So last week I mentioned a way I’ve found to incorporate working with paper. With my own wedding and the several I worked on last year, I decided I wanted to start a separate site that is strictly a paper house. Thus, Pumpkinhead Paperie was born (check out the site, still a work in progress, as I finesse my WordPress skills).

Pumpkinhead Paperie designs Save the Dates, Wedding Invitations and Collateral, Birthday Invitations, Holiday Cards, Birth Announcements, Shower Invites, etc… Essentially all things paper. Though I have featured the majority of these projects on my design site, I wanted to brand these separately as a site dedicated to all things announcement and invitation related. Essentially, a bride looking at invitations doesn’t necessarily want to go perusing my logo studies and brand brochures, though I’d obviously encourage it 🙂 (Note: This does not mean in any way I’m abandoning all the other projects I do, just another aspect to my design business)

Why pumpkinhead? My mom called me pumpkinhead growing up because my birthday is on Halloween. I also love all things pumpkin, so it seemed oh so appropriate. The fact that I’m launching in October is a happy mistake (mistake in that I’ve had this logo designed for the past year, but the whole getting married thing sidetracked me a bit), but also oh so appropriate. Despite not having officially launched yet, I’m already working on a Florida wedding invitation set and starting a Texas save-the-date and then invitations.

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The very beginning of pumpkinhead…

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


The Power of Print: Anthro birthday mailer

I love paper. LOOOVE it. I love invitations, packaging, posters, books, cards, etc., etc., etc. I love nice printing. Sadly I feel like a lot of these things I love are disappearing because of the power and quickness of the internet and the “Go Green” movement. Because I love paper, I really appreciate when a store gives me something or mails me something that I didn’t receive in an eblast.

My birthday is in October and today I received a little gem of a mailer from Anthropologie in anticipation of “my day”. The theme was “me time” and included a cute little bracelet as well as a 15% off for the month coupon. I thought I’d share because I was so excited by not only their thoughtfulness of remembering my birthday (hehe), but also by the simple beauty of this little piece, which serves as a great reminder why print work is still relevant and useful. Enjoy.

My love of paper has inspired me in different ways recently. Stay tuned this week for an announcement and launch (hint, hint…)!

Our Hawaiian Wedding: The Collateral in Action

You’ve seen the some of the collateral, but there are a few surprises in here and it’s fun to see it all in action!

Table with the programs and guestbook:

We included new Polaroid cameras for guests to have their picture taken to put next to their message to us. I customized the guestbook with a personalized first page and an engagement picture in the front window.

My mom visited Asia several months before the wedding and surprised us with an entire suitcase full of these AMAZING parasols! They provided shade while waiting for the ceremony to begin and were a fun keepsake for guests!

2 DELICIOUS signature drinks. Rodney’s  (Rodney works at Hokulia, our venue) Mai Tai’s really are the best in the world.

Note the cocktail napkins have changed from “Are Tying the Knot” to “Tied the Knot”. We also ordered customized stirrers with our married initials (which happen to be my personal married initials as well!) from Horchow.

I made the flag garland around the cake. I may do a whole post on this. I’m debating because honestly it didn’t turn out exactly as I planned as the humidity pulled apart a lot of the glue in an awkward way. I think overall it turned out nice, just not exactly what I was thinking.

The tables were more than I imagined they would be. My mom worked with a wedding planner in Tulsa to make the runners. We chose a fabric that was similar to burlap, but a bit higher quality. We had two different colors and my mom figured out a way to knot  smaller pieces on top which gave it a more complex look and perfectly accented the gorgeous wood furniture (not only did we save money on rentals by using Hokulia’s furniture, we had a better quality than we could have rented). It couldn’t have been more perfect!

Had to make sure the name cards wouldn’t blow away, so I re-utilized the hemp string from the invitations to tie them around the menus.

LOVE this shot. That is how the sky photographed right after sunset. This table had our favors (small woven boxes with chocolate turtles inside) that doubled as escort cards.

And to top it off a name sign for the Simpsons! This post concludes the Mundt—Simpson wedding package!

I’m off to Tulsa tomorrow for a few days. The “lowest high” for the time I’m there is 103… Wish me luck!

Branding & More: Brenda Simon Photography

I met Brenda Simon through her husband, a dentist whose company I had just designed a logo and website for. She wanted to overhaul her brand as well after seeing her husband’s company identity completed. She wanted a fun, youthful, bright look for her photography company, which specializes in children and baby photography. We started with a logo, designed a postcard to place in doctor’s offices, and overhauled the front-end design of her website. The logo is loosely based on an abstracted mobile.

Screen shot of the homepage (forgive my massive browser window). Full site here. This was a fun, quick project because essentially we just gave the site a face lift with her new identity. We left the structure the same, but added her logo, changed the colors, and added the film strip element.

I don’t have any children, but I’d highly recommend Brenda to friends who do, her work is gorgeous. Her home is filled with amazing shots of her children, which I imagine has to be a major plus to being a photographer.