Inspirational Thursday

It’s been a long week and I am needing a bit of inspiration. So I took a look back at a lot of my “Words to Remember” board on Pinterest and thought I’d share a few with you!

And a beautifully designed version of one of my favorite quotes:

1. Be Nice to Yourself Print
2. Comparison is the Thief of Joy
3. Roald Dahl. Can’t find the link on this one.
4. Just breathe.
5. Worry is a waste
6. Gandhi
7. Beautiful life
8. Slow down
9. Crazy Ones

Happy March!

Santa Stock

While finishing up my second to last day at this financial real estate company (hooray for having my flexibility back!), I was assigned a project requiring some Santa stock photography. It’s a given most Santa stock would be corny, but what I found was unbelievable (all searched from the term “santa”, nothing out of the ordinary). Thought I’d share a few to get you through your Tuesday!

This one is legitimately called yuletide log.

Santa on a tank…

Obligatory weight loss Santa.

Big Daddy Clause.

I can’t fathom what someone would need Santa riding a dragon for, but I like to think it’s something awesome.

In a similar world of “where in the heck would this ever be applicable??”, I give you Egyptian Santas.

Any my personal favorite.
Seriously with this one?! Santa, no!!

The photography is a completely different game, so I’m just going to share one. Nothing says Christmas like a creepy “santa couple”.

I especially like how sweaty the man is. (All images are from istock).

My project eventually featured Santa riding a fork lift in an industrial warehouse. Standard.

Merry Christmas everyone 🙂

Inspiration: Summer

After a fabulous summer weekend I wanted to share a mood board that is inspiring some of my work right now! Enjoy.

1. Summer = Fruit (Image from Gabrielle Kai Photography)

2. The perfect maxi dress from Gucci’s 2009 collection. Flowy enough for the beach, but also could be dressed up with a belt and heels for a wedding.

3. This is what I’d love to be doing the entire summer.

4. You can’t have a summer inspiration post without sunglasses. One of my fave pairs from Ray Ban:

5. Love this palette.

6. Gorgeous yellow heels. I’m on a yellow kick

7. Summer cocktails! I’m growing mint in my backyard in hopes to make a mojito at some point.

8. Always on the search for a pool and loving the vintage vibe.

9. Adorable wide-brimmed summer hat!

Inspiration: London Love

In honor of the royal wedding, which admittedly I am quite intrigued by, I thought I’d post an inspiration board paying homage to London and love. Enjoy!

1. Big Ben drawing

2. Union Jack Clutch (which I’m currently obsessing over) by Alexander McQueen

3. Liberty of London Union Jack floral print

4. Rainy London

5. A sixpence. Appropriate for a British wedding. The saying, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence for her shoe” is believed to have originated in Victorian England. It is said if you follow it,  good luck and good fortune will be bestowed upon the bride and groom.

6. Gorgeous engagement shot in front of Big Ben by Segerius-Bruce.

7. The red telephone booths were designed to be easy to spot. They certainly are iconic, yet only a few truly remain.

8. The City of London asked Saffron to Design a new Identity for the City. This was one of the recommended designs that was ultimately not choosen. The logo was inspired by clouds and the typographic spirit of London.

9. Best way to survive rainy London: Cute rain gear

Will any of you be watching the royal wedding at a middle of the morning watch party?

Pinterest: A Link so Lovely it Gets it’s own Link Love


This link is so good it’s the only link I love this week. Pinterest is my new obsession. I’ve seen it on a few blogs I read. At first I though, oh right, I need another website to take part in. I facebook, I blog, I tweet, etc. Do I really want to start “pinning”? After taking a closer look I realized how great this is. I love pulling inspiration for design work, inspiration for my home decorating, recipes to try, holiday decorating I wish to emulate, etc. from the internet. I usually take these images or recipes, save them on my desktop, and eventually trash them when cleaning my desktop as I inevitably do each week as I don’t know how to organize them. Pinterest solves that problem. You “pin” things you see on websites or blogs and it saves it whatever category you pin it to.

Here’s a glimpse at my pinboard:

You can view others’ individual pinboards, pinboards for specific categories (design, art, food, etc.) or just view the main page and see as people are pinning. Similar to twitter, you follow people and people follow you. As it’s essentially by invitation only right now (you can request an invitation), there aren’t a lot of my friends or work peers pinning, but I don’t see that being the case for very long. I can keep “boards” (categories) of design inspiration to glance at when I’m feeling uncreative and can keep recipes for those nights I just can’t decide what to make. You can repin things that other people pin, or you can pin anything you find off the web (they’re very good about including the links where you got the image from as to give the original poster credit and so you can go to the original page it was listed at and read the whole article or see more).

Here’s an individual pin I posted:

I think over time this will be even more beneficial as ideas I’ve seen a year to several years ago would be long forgotten without some sort of organization system like this. I’d HIGHLY recommend requesting an invitation to join this site! Anyone else out there on pinterest?

Peep Mania

In honor of Easter this weekend, I thought I’d do an Easter inspired post. I wanted to include a mood board with a nice color palette, some gorgeous egg designs, etc. I think I’ll save that for another day this week. Because tonight I got distracted by… PEEPS.

America has peep mania. People do everything with their peeps. There are images of posing peeps in nearly every scene one can imagine including Star Trek peep scenes, Wizard of Oz peep scenes, and peeps doing yoga. While those are somewhat entertaining, they’re a bit cliche. I like my peeps to be used in edible or decorative states while embracing the natural form of the peep. Uses I found online for peeps include peep push pops, formal peeps, plush peeps, peeps in a vase, paper peeps, peep fried chicken, pikachu peep pops, stir fried peeps, topiary peeps, wreath peeps, peep monkey bread, peeps on the beach, etc., etc., etc..

And in honor of my upcoming name change…

Simpson Peeps

How do you like your peeps?