Aloha Friday: La Jolla pics pt. 2

Happy Friday! It’s been a nice week out here in La Jolla. Here are a few more pics including a few from a “safari” at the Wild Animal Park here (which is AMAZING).

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


La Jolla escape photos pt. 1

One of the big perks of being self-employed: temporary relocation to a much more ideal location. I’m spending the week out in La Jolla, CA with my family as we’ve done every August since I was born (since my grandmother was born actually!). Luckily work happened to be a bit slow this week, but today I’m at Starbucks working on a semi-annual report for a financial real estate investment company. Blogging seems a bit more exciting than that, so I’m taking a break to load a few pics from the week thus far. Some great Mexican food, amazing views, and lots of beach time have made up the first part of my trip.

Clearly I’m still digging Instagram and Hipstamatic. I left my camera in Denver and the ol’ iphone 3g camera just isn’t cutting it quality wise, so these filters make the images a bit spicier.