Aloha Friday: An Oklahoma photographic experience

I spent last Thursday to Tuesday in Oklahoma (note: originally I typed Hawaii here, I wish and I clearly have Aloha Friday on the brain) and have just come up for air beneath my pile of work and errands. So I thought I’d share some pictures from my trip as parts were quite entertaining. When the weather is well into the hundreds (even without the heat index), you have to get a bit creative on how to occupy your time.

We did lots of antiquing:

Our purchases included these amazing plates (not the Sprinkles cupcake) and a perfume bottle (I’ve decided to start a collection):

Other activities included a jaunt to the Porter Peach Festival. Due to a bad crop this year, there were literally no peaches available for purchase, but we had some of the best peach cobbler I’ve ever eaten and got to witness this gem of a parade. The parade included  3 Porter Peach Festival Princesses of different ages (the youngest being the Peach Bud who sat out of the top of a truck waving her best light bulb screw wave), politicians vying for support (I’ve shown one below riding on a tractor), a tractor pull, and shiners galore on their small cars. We didn’t last too long, as the heat index was around 110, but it was an experience worth braving the heat.

We also went to a shopping event (that we’re a bit embarrassed by, as it was mostly a craft fair) at the Fair Grounds. If you’ve ever been to Tulsa, you’ll recognize the oil man.

But it wasn’t a total loss as I was able to find the CUTEST, softest little dress for my good friend Belinda’s soon-to-be born baby girl and have it monogrammed with her name.

We ended the trip with a visit to the Dust Bowl. Another good friend of mine, Bailey, is an architect in Tulsa and worked on this bar. It is truly a work of art from the name to the bowling pin door handles to the old school experience of keeping your own score by hand. As I’m an avid bowling fan (note: this does not mean I am any good), I have a feeling this will be a frequent stop on my visits home.

I returned to Denver with a new outlook on the “heat” here. It’s not hot if it’s not over 100 degrees with 100% humidity.

Not a lot going on for me this weekend, just relaxing. Anyone have any fun plans this weekend?