Happy Halloween & Happy Birthday to me!

Over here at Caroline Simpson Design, we’re big ‘ol fans of Halloween. I love everything about it from the imagery, to dressing up, to scary movies, to birthday celebrations (which clearly not everyone associates with Halloween). Thought you might want a glance of the intern’s pumpkin getup for tonight! Have a fabulous night!!


Happy Aloha Friday: Costumes of Halloweens Past

As it’s the weekend before Halloween, I thought I’d post some old pictures just for fun. It is Aloha Friday after all. Excuse the poor image quality, these are photographs of photographs. I’m rushing a bit to pack, work out, and hit the DMV before we head to Beaver Creek for the night. As I was born on Halloween, we’ve always been a big costume fan. There are only a few (sullen, not to be spoken about, whiny) teenage years where I missed out on dressing up. Here are a few favs from my younger years:

(yes, the clown is my mom and the dinosaur is my brother)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Absence explained via photos

Texas State Fair

Killing Texas. Now the highpoint of our season.

Decorating pumpkins. Thanks for the inspiration, Pinterest.

Carmen Marc Volvo fashion show on a jaunt to Tulsa

Going through old things: my trick-or-treating bag

More old things. Apple lover for life. RIP Steve Jobs.

And some new things. More love for Apple. New iPhone4S as seen via my iPad.

First snow.

And a peak at my Halloween decor. Less than a week!