Aloha Friday: Our Wedding Preview

They’re heeere. After five and a half weeks of waiting, some patience, some temporarily lost patience, and two Fedex packages from Hawaii, our wedding pictures have finally arrived. Next week I’m going to do several posts on all the invitations and collateral (as there is a LOT), but before I leave for a float trip this weekend near Grand Junction, CO I wanted to post a few of my favorite portraits. Thanks to Toby Hoogs for all the amazing photography!

Can’t even wait to share more… Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


And we’re back… Week 1: Snapshots of Hawaii

After an amazing couple of weeks in Hawaii, I have returned. Week one consisted of lots of errands, lots of friends and family, a little bit of beach time, several fabulous parties, and a wedding. The biggest adventure of all was quite honestly figuring out how to transport the dress. As soon as it was “safely (i.e. crammed into)” the closet on the plane, Mike and I were able to relax a bit. I was quite proud to have arrived with it in tact.

Sunday Night Tradition: Huggo’s on the Rocks for fish tacos and LT Smooth. LT is a local musician, who has been nominated for four Grammy’s, that played our wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner. Sunset at Huggo’s below, LT below that.

One errand I never mind running is a visit to the farmer’s market. Fresh fruit, flowers, and local goods galore. We purchased a large amount of fresh bouquets to decorate my family’s house for the Welcome Party. What’s craziest about these gorgeous arrangements is how inexpensive they are. Now if we could figure out a way to transport them home.

In between errands we made a little beach time. Below is my Maid of Honor, Alden, and me at Mauna Lani Beach Club relaxing before the majority arrived for the weekend.

Sunset at the Manta Ray Bar at the Sheraton with friends.

And a little Kona brewery.

I’m reluctant to post wedding pics of my own until the professional ones are ready, but I thought I’d give you a sneak peak as facebook has already anyway!

With the exception of the above picture, all images were taken via Hipstamatic. It’s my latest obsession. I love the vintage feel it gives images. But, as I go through visual phases (as most people go through clothing phases, visual phases are the curse of a graphic designer and a reason I could never {even if I had the urge, which I don’t} get a tattoo) and don’t know if I’ll like these treatments forever, I was the complete tourist on the honeymooning snapping shots with both this app and my real camera.

Looking forward to returning to the blog as I’ve found myself with a void for a to do list (hooray!!). Week 2: Snapshots of a Kauai honeymoon tomorrow!