week 3 of 52.18 weeks {365 days} of photos

Monday post of new pics, finally getting on track.

Last week included lots of good food (the last batch of pesto made from my basil last year) and wine (a trip to Vinue, a self-serve wine bar), some Nuggets action, some beautiful weather (the still-melting snow is deceptive, don’t let it fool you, it was in the 60’s in January in Denver), a not so painful dentist visit, and a big decision to redecorate my office (now to be known as my studio).

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Seeking Inspiration

I’ve painted on and off for years now. I don’t consider myself an artist, but it’s something I enjoy doing when I have the time. Honestly, I’ve been pretty distracted and haven’t painted in over a year, with the exception of a painting I began one day, but haven’t touched again. If we’re being really honest, that was five months ago and I still haven’t cleaned the brushes (So, in order to actually begin painting again, I’ll be needing an art store run). But, between the art walk and our Santa Fe visit I’ve been feeling pretty inspired lately and have actually set a goal for myself. Within a calendar year, so by next April, I want to have painted and exhibited an entire show. This is quite ambitious, as I usually just paint whatever I feel like painting and then move on to another subject once I’ve finished.

My animal phase:

My Still Life Phase:

Most recently, an artichoke:

I’m not quite sure of a theme yet and or how one goes about getting their artwork in a show. New experiences all around. Worst case scenario: I have a lot of paintings to decorate my basement or gift to family. Anyone have any theme ideas for me?